How it Works

We develop a custom program based on your goals and available home gym equipment. We cover how to complete each exercise and will supply video tutorial links to walk you through the process.

Each week you complete the week of workouts and track your progress, at the end of each week we will review your results, make adjustments, and provide any additional recommendations. Your work outs will be continuously be progressed to push you to the next level.
What is included:
Custom made strength-training and cardio program designed specifically for your focus, body type, schedule and goals – all injuries and limitations are taken into account, and the program is created to eliminate any excuses that would hold you back from achieving ideal results Custom strength routine showing you what exercises to do, videos to go along with each exercise, reps, sets and personalized notes to help guide you through each step of your work out Supplement suggestions and/or advice in regards to your training. Weekly check ins and progress updates (required for accountability) -minimum 1 scheduled phone call per week Support available via e-mail, phone cal, Hangouts or FaceTime

Live Virtual Sessions

For clients that need a bit more hands on help we also offer Live Virtual Sessions via Zoom. Work outs will be provided ahead of the session and the trainer will make technical corrections in live time.