Hi, I’m Emily!

Founder and owner of Health & Fit with Emily.

I’m a certified strength training and conditioning trainer – and continue to educate myself in health and fitness.

I develop and lead outdoor group training sessions – I work with All 4 Health N' Wellness – a private gym located in Newport Beach, CA – where I conduct one-on-one training customized to individual needs. I also offer virtual training, creating custom programs for your health goals with your equipment right in the comfort of your own home.

I haven’t always had a passion for fitness . . . Especially back in October of 2013 when I became pregnant with my son. My weight gain was slow, but by the time my pregnancy reached full term I had gained 40 pounds. My diet and health had become so poor, I even reached a point where I was consuming chocolate on a daily basis, and I continued to gain weight after my son was born.

I was the heaviest I had ever been, a college drop out, in an unhealthy relationship, figuring out how to be a new mom – I felt as if someone had drained all the life out of me. My life had hit rock bottom. With all these negative feelings weighing down on me, I fell into a deep depression. It wasn’t until my mother saw how bad of shape I was in – physically and mentally, that she said something I’ll never forget, “You can’t live like this forever. You have someone worth living for and he needs you.” I finally took my mothers advice and sought out self help and a personal trainer.

Those first couple of weeks were tough – I was very unmotivated, but kept pushing through my workouts. Over time I slowly started to make lifestyle changes. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual changes and the motivation fell into place as time went on. I started to fall in love with the way being healthy made me feel. I fell in love with the process and most importantly, I fell in love with myself.

Fitness isn’t just about physical strength or appearance. To be fit and healthy you need a balance of healthy life choices. From a workout routine that fits your lifestyle – to the foods you choose to put in your body. To the people you surround yourself with – to the thoughts you have running through your head. It is the daily choices you make that determines who you are – that determines whether you’ll reach your personal goals. I became a trainer because I fell in love with the way healthy makes me feel and I want to help others understand that it isn’t just about being thin, or muscular, or looking a certain way. It’s about FEELING good and loving yourself. I believe a personalized training program, a nutrition plan your body needs, some positive thinking and self love are the ingredients to living a happy, healthy life.

If a happy and healthy life is what you dream of – I would love to work with you and help make your dreams a reality!